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Balancing a recruitment career with motherhood

As we approach Mother’s Day this Sunday, it’s a good time to look at those select superhumans who somehow manage to balance a thriving recruitment career with motherhood and for us to ask questions around whether modern recruitment businesses  are taking the right steps to ensure women don’t have to make a one-or-the-other choice between… Read More »


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Written 24th March 2017 by Zak Abu Zubair

Employee Appreciation Day is TODAY. And tomorrow. And the next day…

Each year, the calendar seems to feature more and more “event days” – or more. In March alone, Britain sees “Veggie Month”, “Fair Trade Fortnight”, “National Salt Awareness Week” and a plethora of days totalling almost twenty, ranging from World Maths Day to National Doodle Day. However, one “event day” that hasn’t caught on widely… Read More »

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Written 3rd March 2017 by Zak Abu Zubair

Real life business – pay attention or pay the consequence

Each week, Recruitment Guide’s Head of Global Online Content, Ross Owen Williams, looks at real world situations that demonstrate key points within business. On a recent morning’s scroll around LinkedIn, amongst the usual braggadocious pictures of people with new cars and the obligatory “wish me luck in my new job” post accompanied by a picture… Read More »

Real Life Business

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Written 11th October 2016 by Zak Abu Zubair