Our recruitment training courses

Bespoke recruitment training programmes, materials and methods designed with your specific needs in mind.

All of our training programmes have been developed after decades of experience in the recruitment industry – as recruiters, entrepreneurs and world-leading business owners. Therefore we will only deliver training solutions that have real, measurable value, because we know how best to maximise the potential of each individual and business in the industry today.

About resourcer training courses

This programme is designed for researchers/resourcers who are looking to learn new and innovative ways to build better relationships with high quality candidates.

Delegates will learn how to manage a search assignment in a logical professional manner using proven project planning processes that will create more efficient working habits and so improve revenue potential.

Understanding psychology and the way people make decisions is of real importance if you are to successfully work with top talent. By understanding how people actually make choices, you will be equipped with the facts and context they need to make smart, informed decisions.

The researchers will also learn the Relationship Model and how to build long lasting relationships with candidates.

- Qualifying the assignment
- Building an assignment plan (project planning)
- Researching the market
- Candidate motivators / de-motivators
- Creating head hunt presentations (3 x styles)
- Qualifying candidates
- Qualifying questions
- How to maintain candidate commitment
- Shortlist selection / keeping candidates “warm”
- Delivery of shortlist candidates over the phone & face to face
- Preparing the client and candidate for the interview
- Debriefing the client and candidate after the interview
- Candidate control
- Brokering the offer
- How to negotiate the job offer with the client and candidate
- Offer negotiations
- Closing techniques

About our consultant-based courses

Consultants are key to the success of any recruitment business.

To help your business succeed, we have developed a range of consultant training courses for every level of employee. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, or you want to refresh your skills and boost your existing performance, you will benefit from our varied in-depth course content.

Highlights include:

  • Systematic training programmes
  • Based on delivering outstanding business results
  • Combining detailed real-world content with world-class training methodology.
  • Select the most relevant topics and the depth of course content
- How to choose which sector to specialise
- The positives of working in a niche market
- Becoming a business person
- Becoming a knowledge worker
- The role of a recruiter
- How to become an expert recruiter
- 3 days induction training programme
- Fact find and Needs analysis
- Qualifying the client
- Qualifying the job spec
- Confirming your fees
- The power of referrals
- Building and utilising your network
- Writing effective presentations
- Uncovering candidate concerns
- Finding the need
- The MPC Model
- Preparing effective presentations using the FAB model
- Presenting candidates
- The objectives of the first call
- The importance of preparing candidates for an interview
- The interview prep form
- The importance of debriefing candidates from an interview
- The debrief prep form
- The importance of debriefing clients from an interview
- The debrief prep form
- The reference checklist
- Techniques to broker the offer
- Candidate control
- Utilising LinkedIn
- The use of Job boards
- Advertising on social media
- Searching on Facebook
- Using Twitter

About management training courses

Our management training programme is designed to give managers the skills required to develop into a professional manager. It should be noted that the course will be delivered over six days and the exact content of each day will depend on the learning pace of the managers.

This 6 day intensive course is designed to provide guidance and support to budding and existing team leaders/managers by answering the following questions:

  • What are the characteristics of manager ?
  • What are the keys to effective team leadership?
  • How to become a highly effective manager ?
  • What are the constraints, demands and choices associated with the team leadership role?
  • How can you gauge your effectiveness as a manager?
  • What is meant by leadership style? How important is this in leading a team?
  • How can you improve the results of what you achieve as team?
- Writing business plans
- Creating mission, vision and value statements
- Financing your growth
- Financial planning
- Factoring and invoice discount option
- What makes a high performance team?
- The Importance of creating a KPI system
- Career development plans
- Writing job descriptions and job scorecards
- The interview process
- Hiring plans
- Onboarding staff
- SWOT analysis
- Partner programme
- Train the trainer
- Managing poor performance
- Managing conflict and discipline
- Work in progress sessions
- Appraisals
- Motivation
- The formula for goal setting
- Incentives that work
- Time and task management
- Delegation
- Situation leadership

A selection of training day teasers

Module 1

Learning in the marketplace

Module 2

Qualifying clients

Module 3

Agreeing on the fee

Module 4

Choosing clients

Module 5

Impressing clients

Module 6

Decision makers

Module 7

The five point job order

Module 8

Why is the job open?

Module 9


Module 10

Cutting fees

Module 11

What makes you special?

Module 12

The sales scorecard

Module 13

Contingency multi agency

Module 14

Service level agreemnets

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In-house training

Maximise your potential

Our Recruitment Guide business consultants are more than just trainers and our approach is more than just training. Our Recruitment Training and Strategy Services will help you understand where your organisational strengths can be maximised and where less developed areas can be improved.

Help your consultants perfect the art of recruitment, leading to:

  • Maximised team performance
  • Improved net fee income
  • Increased per desk average billings
  • Profitable revenue growth

Directly support you to develop your business through:

  • Effective management
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Portfolio diversification
  • International expansion
  • Preperation for sale

Online live seminars
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World-class bespoke training delivered by accredited trainers directly to you at home or in your office.

Our next online seminar topic is Business Development. This course includes 4 x live video sessions with CEO and Lead Trainer – Tony Seager.

The full course is usually over £3,000. As a special offer to develop recruitment sales expertise, you can book now for only £19.99, and join us on the follow dates:

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Our expert team

Introducing our expert recruitment trainers

Recruitment Guide brings together expert recruitment trainers and business professionals to help take you and your recruitment business from good to great.

Experts in their field

Recruitment Guide Training Services is led by renowned industry expert Tony Seager. Backed by a wealth of international experience, our team of trainers are unbeatable in the field of recruitment, talent acquisition and human capital management.

A range of knowledge

The team have delivered training and consulting programmes at all levels; induction courses and consultant training through to management development as well as mentoring and consultancy programmes for business owners and senior management.

Tony Seager

Head of training and development

Tony has developed relationships with 100’s recruitment clients from one man start ups to multi-national, multi office recruitment companies as well as within the talent acquisition and HR team of many blue chip FTSE organisations such as Deloitte, Addidas and Tata Consulting.

Over the years he has enjoyed working internationally with our clients in 25 countries, throughout Europe, in the Middle East and Asia. In China he has a well established reputation and are proud partners to Seek Training. He works at all levels within recruitment clients from Board Level down and have provided coaching and personal mentoring to business owners, skills development for Team Leaders and Managers, Induction Course delivery to Rookies and Advanced Sales Courses for established ‘Big Billers’.

Tony has been instrumental in the establishment of Business Processes and Training Policy Development to many of our clients.

Chief Development Officer Tony Seager has an international reputation as an exceptional trainer and coach in the field of recruitment, talent acquisition and human capital management Tony's career in recruitment began in the late 1980's and he enjoyed much success as a consultant.

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James Gage

Senior Trainer

James started his career in the recruitment industry as an account manager for a high street generalist in 1998 moving swiftly into 360º recruitment with a boutique specialist consultancy. After learning the trade he continued as a 360º consultant with a global corporate. His career progressed from consultant to senior consultant to team manager and eventually a senior management role.

After 12 years of fee earning and managing teams he decided to share his knowledge by taking up a learning and development post with a global specialist as well as a study coach position with the REC. His training covered inducting new recruits, upskilling experienced consultants and developing team leaders and managers. As a result of his success in this field he became an Internal Recruitment and Training Manager in North America for a global recruiter.

His most recent work includes utilising social media to effectively source talented candidates and develop a personal brand, improving business development skills and the ability to handle objections and negotiations. His recent literature has included the creation of induction materials, interview techniques and employer branding for an on-site team and numerous development workshops for experienced recruiters.

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Jason Jones

Senior Trainer

Jason is versatile leader, consultant and trainer who has been in management and recruitment for over 22 years. His key areas of expertise are performance improvement, sales development, business troubleshooting, presenting and motivating.

Having spent over 8 years in a director’s role, Jason has spanned the corporate spectrum from small to FTSE100 and Fortune 500 companies. In 2002, Jason ensured his division of Staffline Group plc achieved £400k+ EBIT (more than anyone before him)!

Jason’s experience is vast and ever present is his hunger and desire to work with inexperienced recruiters and managers, enabling them to leave their mark. He has an eye for detail which has enabled him to be incredibly effective when consulting at senior level. He asks the awkward questions and “tells it like it is”! This natural ability in “tangible development gains” is what makes him an asset to Recruitment Guide.

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Suzanne Browne

Senior Trainer

Suzanne Browne is an experienced Business Trainer and Coach with over 5 years experience in this area, and 12 years in Recruitment where she was a Regional Director working for a multinational agency. She has an MSc in Occupational Psychology and is a member of the British Psychological Society Register of Qualifications in Test Use (RQTU).

Her experience spans the Public, Private and Charitable sector, as well as a variety of business specialisms and she has worked with all levels from Managing Directors, Senior Management, HR Professionals, Team leaders and Recruitment Consultants across the UK.

She provides motivational and impactful training for teams in areas including Recruitment Processes, Negotiation, Team Building, Management Skills and Social Media training, and supports senior individuals with an Executive Coaching programme. She also has a strong track record of delivering Academy Training for new consultants and ensuring they are equipped to start having a positive effect on their business immediately.

She also has extensive experience in Outplacement, supporting business and individuals through Redundancy situations. This often involves one to one coaching sessions, group training in areas such as how to prepare for redundancy, looking for a new role, maximising your CV and Social Media job searching.

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Ross Williams

Senior Trainer

Joining the industry directly after graduating QM College, London in 1999, Ross quickly became one of the pre-eminent consultants in the rapidly growing Thames Valley recruitment scene. Creating niche engineering agency Talisman Technology in 2002, Ross would achieve a personal career GP of more than £3m and steer the company through to £4.5m turnover before selling at age 29 in order to focus on developing his reputation as a freelance recruitment trainer and performance specialist.

Now the author of three outstanding books on the industry, The RecruitMentor series, Ross heads up the global online content area of Recruitment Guide as well as delivering engaging, encouraging and highly entertaining seminars on an array of vital elements within recruitment.

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Do you have what it takes?

We now have some of the most sought after trainers and coaches within the recruitment sector on our team, but we're always on the lookout for dedicated recruitment professionals to join in. Think you've got what it takes to be a licensed Recruitment Guide trainer?

What our Customers Say

Recruitment Guide has earned a reputation for unrivalled excellence withinthe industry, but don't just take our word for it - read our Recruitment Training Testimonials.

"I met with Recruitment Guide trainer, Tony Seager because I wanted to grow mybusiness in preparation for sale. Since I took up his consultancy services our head count has grown by 60%, EBIT has increased and the CEO mentoring and training programme has changed the face of the business. I’d fully recommend Recruitment Guide’s suit of training solutions for recruitment firms and we’ve even appointed Tony to our board of directors as chairman earlier this year."
Joseph Hathiramani, CEO, Ifftner IT solutions
When we first met with Tony Seager we knew he was a different kind of trainer! Recruitment Guide focused on helping our business increase it’s per desk average revenues (and therefore profits) by using some of the most innovative and leading edge L&D material. But more than that, he has become a true partner and trusted adviser to our business and I would have no hesitation in recommending him and Recruitment Guide to anyone.
Andy Feakins, CEO, IPS Recruitment
Recruitment Guide trainers are unique in the recruitment training and development world, their knowledge of the process is unrivalled and the presentation of the material will suit both new and experienced. Consulting with Recruitment Guide will leave you challenging your process, system and approach to the markets and ultimately implementing their recommendations will simply increase results, relationships and revenue.
Guy Lean – Director
Recruitment Guide really offer first class trainers. There are many ‘trainers’in the market who inspire and sell for an hour, a day or a week, but what I like about my experience with Recruitment Guide is the longevity of their approach: I would add that unlike many top-executives who rely on their ability to charm and entertain, but who struggle when it comes to defending their ideas, Recruitment Guide are able to defend and reinforce their way of doing this with a calmness, objectivity and professionalism which, in reality, is very rare at the top.
Robert Parkinson - Managing Director
In today’s climate in particular, with each individual business having to control cost, but trying to retain quality also, it is more important than ever, to choose the right training partner. Recruitment Guide’s professional development programs are delivered with clarity and conviction by specialists who truly understand how to drive and develop skills quickly to attain the performance needed.
Helle Hansen – Partner

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